iLife '11 Portable Genius

Автор Guy HartDavis

iLife '11 Portable Genius
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John Wiley and Sons, Ltd
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Guy HartDavis - iLife '11 Portable Genius

The "iLife" suite, pre-loaded on every new Mac, includes iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand, and iWeb. This straight-to-the-point guide shares key features, tips, and techniques to help you make the best use of each of these tremendously popular applications. Learn to make movies and DVDs; organize, edit and share your digital photos; create Web sites, blogs, and podcasts; and compose original music with the latest version of "iLife".
  • The "iLife" suite of applications is included with every new Mac and received the Editor's Choice Award from "PC Magazine".
  • This full-color book gives you confidence as you tackle all the applications, offering savvy advice on everything from getting started to making the most of advanced features.
  • Shows you the best ways to organize and edit your photos with iPhoto, make movies with iMovie and iDVD, compose and record your own music with GarageBand, and build great Web sites and blogs with iWeb.
    The "iLife" suite releases your creativity; "iLife Portable Genius" gives you the no-nonsense advice, tips, and techniques to take full advantage of it.
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