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Книга «The Chocolate Money», Ashley Prentice Norton

Название книги: The Chocolate Money
Автор: Ashley Prentice Norton
Категории: Иностранные
Выпускается в серии: ---
Принадлежит жанру: Проза

Ashley Prentice Norton - The Chocolate Money

It's the end of the seventies, and ten-year-old Bettina Ballentyne is heiress to one of America's biggest fortunes. But Bettina's whole life is ruled by her beautiful, hedonistic mother - the glamorous but volatile Babs.
At fifteen, Bettina escapes to New England and boarding school, desperate to become her own person and fit in to her preppy new world. Yet despite being freed from her mother's control, soon she's making choices which show that Babs's maternal shadow still looms long over her. Can Bettina break free to forge her own identity - or is she simply doomed to be her mother's daughter forever?
Brilliantly characterized and compulsively readable, this is a dark, funny and poignant debut, with twists and turns which will have you gripped to the very last page.

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